Career Profile

My aim is to get better at understanding good UI/UX for a user where we follow a hook model cycle by Nir Eyal to design a better product for users. I have worked with Zomato and Adobe as a Software Engineer in the past two years. I am an open source enthusiast and love contributing to various open source projects in my free time. I have contributed to KDE, Mozilla Firefox, WikiRead and CPython. I like playing around with javascript, have experience in working with React, Redux and vanilla javascript. I started web development back in 2013 in my college where I worked with a startup called Shiplock. I have been hooked on to the web development and exploring new horizons since then.


Membr of Technical Staff

02/2018 - 08/2018
Adobe, Noida

Worked on the project Adobe Campaign as a frontend developer. I was held responsible for the production build server for user interface.

Worked on optimising performance of react based dashboard, made service to produce weekly reports for multiple platforms and standardising Adobe XDM (Experience Data Model) for Adobe Campaign to standardise data flow.

Part of Adobe Escape team, which organised cultural events for employees. Voluntarily made dashboard to track progress for various competitions.

Software Development Engineer

07/2016 - 02/2018
Zomato, Gurugram

Worked on Zomato’s UI Kit and Payments UI kit written in React-Redux and TypeScript. Took care of it’s development using Docker and gulp tasks for transpiling the app.

Developed Zomato’s Alexa skill app running on Node server. It became the most requested skill on Alexa within the first week of it’s launch.

Worked on project PWA, Structured the api output in an optimised data structure to reduce the data flow. Increasing 20% of user traffic.

Part of AMP project, which aimed to reduce page load time for slower connections using Google’s AMP project. This reduced page load time from 3s to 1s.

Worked on preventing SQL injections and other vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF token invalidation etc across Zomato, optimisations, lazy loading images across site, improving SQL queries with use of indexes.

Google Summer of Code student

04/2015 - 08/2015

Used Qt and Cantorlibs to build scripting capability inside LabPlot. CantorLibs was used to execute input by user and get the output.

Wrote parser for Python2, Python3, maxima and R in C++, which parse them to Columns of LabPlot.

Parser supported basic data structure like dictionary, arrays, lists etc which were translated into columns for LabPlot allowing dynamic plotting of graphs.

Season of KDE

10/2014 - 01/2015

KNetWalk is a KDE Game that was written in Qt4 and KDELibs4. I ported the game to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5 to have the compatibility to run on latest os shipping Qt5. This change attracted a lot of users who thanked me for the much needed port for KNetWalk.

Software Developer

09/2013 - 11/2014
Shiplock, Delhi

DTU startup, selected as their premier web developer for developing and managing their online e-commerce. Worked on designing database keeping in mind future goals and scalability. Built single dynamic dashboard with access layer to change the products and the information on the main site.


GeeksQuiz - Chrome extension, which scraped out questions from GeeksForGeeks website and prepared random quiz of 20 questions from user selected topics. Scraper was written in JS. Had the functionality to time your performance and analyse your score after every quiz. The project received appreciation from GeeksForGeeks official website.
Emulate - Wrote a webapp which interpreted 8086 assembly language in JS. It had virtual memory management system to protect over usage of memory A snapshot of client side memory state along with execution history was sent periodically to backend which enabled reloading the processor from previous state.
PHP Framework - Built my own MVC (Model View Controller) based framework for light web apps. Had a registry object (singleton) which allows access to all APIs like database connector, template manager, url processor, user authentication, error logging and mailing.

Skills & Proficiency


React & Redux



Sketch & Adobe XD