The Midterm evaluation week has almost come to an end and midterm evaluation deadline ends today. This post will describe about what all I have achieved in my project “Integration of Cantor with LabPlot” and what I plan to do further.

Below are the screenshots of LabPlot.

As you can see in the above screenshots Cantor’s session is integrated. Variable manager, Print, Print Preview and all other relevant actions in Cantor has also been implemented into LabPlot. With implementation of all these I have successfully achieved my midterm evaluation target. I was working on improvising my code implemented so far and implementing my mentor’s suggestion to code. I will now move on to extract variables from the cantor’s session so that we can use them to create new plots inside LabPlot. After that I will work on saving Cantor’s data along with LabPlot’s data, so that user could save and load both the worksheets. I have learned a lot during this journey so far. I learn how duscussion plays an important role in the development of a software. I learn about some of the best practices that should be followed and their importance in real life code. That is not all! My upcoming weeks will see more of coding and hence I am prepared to learn more during that time.

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