Its being quite a while that sok has started, though I was not so active for the first half of the winter because of my university exams.I started working on my project in December. It was all new experience getting selected into sok. Before getting into sok I was a web developer and contributed to typo3 neos (the content management system), I was more into php and js stuff rather than being into c++. I had used c++ only for learning algorithms, data structures or at maximum for competitive programming. when i got to know about sok i started learning the Qt framework and tried building few apps, and that experienced was awesome I never imagined the power it had and how easy it was for me to learn it. After I made few apps I submitted my proposal to kde SoK and finally got selected for one of my two ideas proposed.

My Idea was to port kturtle project to kf5. So far I have made my development environment ready like building kf5 (though I was stuck at errors in 10 packages) so I choose binaries instead of building it. Recently i studied about cmake and now I am porting CMakeLists.txt for kturtle, I have asked for developer access so that i can push my code on server-side kde repo. As soon as I get access I will add my repo details here.

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